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What do you sell?

We sell our very own designs of scale accessories and RC crawler body shells in 2 separate forms. 

  • Digital .STL print files

  • Physical items

These are digital files that you can upload to your 3D printer's slicer software, to print the object. If you don't have a 3D printer, ask a friend or use your local 3D printing service, they'll all be able to print .STL files.

If you've purchased a phsyical product, it will come either as filament printed item or a resin printed item. Please read product description to know which you are getting.

Filament printed products: Should not be used or stored in conditions over 40°C or above as the thermalplastic will start to deform and warp. Use primer before painting for best results.

Resin printed products: Must be painted and UV sealed before exposing to sunlight to prevent overcuring and deforming. Using a primer is usually not required, but depending on your type of paint, using a primer may yield better results.

Yep, unfortunately we don't have a warehouse yet, so it will take anywhere from 1-7 days (depends on order quantity) to have the physical products ready to be shipped.

Digital files will be available for download as soon as you purchase the digital files.

We now ship internationally using Standard Air Mail from Hong Kong. Check out the "Shipping" page to see if your country is listed there. It usuallyt takes 10-14 days to get your address.

We cover all products that are damaged due to shipping, just notify us within 14 days of receiving the product with the original digital or physical receipt. We will then either send you a new equivalence of the product or offer a refund.

You can find us over at:

It's also highly recommended to read the "Terms and Conditions". Don't worry, it's written by a human for humans to read, so it's only a short read. Thank you!

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us if you need any help!

What materials are the physical products made of?

Any special ways to handle your products?

What is a Digital .STL print file?

Warranties and returns

Where do you ship to?

Any lead time?

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