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V303 4x4

The V303 is a versatile Rock n Roll van that does quite well at off-roading, which can be equipped to carry passengers around, haul cargo, or even be modified into a camper. One thing though... it is quite roly-poly, so just don't be overly ambitious on line choice!


Bog 406 Crew Cab

Bog 406 Crew Cab, an alternative to the single cab version of the Bog 406. With the Crew Cab you can carry extra people or supplies to complete longer missions.



The "Bog 406" is an iconic design, one recognized anywhere. Spin your tyres through the deepest bogs and crawl your way through the most rocky terrain, this versitle rig will do it all.

Crawler G3308 "Duty"

The Crawler G3308 fitted with high clearance fenders, bumper, and rock shields make it a seriously capable offroader. This truck will go anywhere and deliver any load!

Sand Cruiser

The "Sand Cruiser" was just a refresher build, using a proper steel framed flatbed. It Just gives it a more old-school Cruiser look rather than a more modern-adapted look of the Rock n Roll Phoenix build.

Crawler Cat 1 "Nomad"

Luxury camping taken to the next level. The Cat 1 "Nomad" has the largest expedition cab of our range so far.

C23 Utility Flatbed

As the name suggests, the C23 has been re-utilised with the new Flatbed! The C23 "workhorse" is now ready to carry out the most difficult of tasks whenever, wherever.

Crawler C23 Workhorse

Whatever it is you want to conquer, the "Workhorse" does it all! With a 420mm wheelbase and 5.4in tyres this has the belly and axle clearnce like no other, yet the long wheelbase truly plants itself into the ground with maximum stability.

Rock n Roll Phoenix

An FJ45 style Vanquish customised to have DIG, FWD, RWD, 4x4, low OD, High OD, front diff lock and unlock. It honestly takes a bit to get used to, Lots of gadgets stuffed into a truck that's built to reflect its glory days.

Crawler 4320 Expedition

Bearing the body of ahead RC's "Crawler 4320 Dual Cab", this truck was configured with the "Expedition Cab" to go exploring. A very iconic truck that can take you just about anywhere in the world.

ahead RC custom build crawler unimog 5023 SWB mogmogmog

SWB mogmogmog

Based on the super capable and popular Axial scx10 iii Jeep Gladiator, this build explored the meaning of a true "overlander" expedition rig with an aussie flavour.

ahead RC custom build crawler Axial SCX6

SCX6 Giant Panda

Axial's SCX6 is HUGE. But it crawls so gently and roams anywhere you want it to, much like a giant panda. Take a look at what makes this build unique.

ahead RC custom build crawler Jeep Gladiator overland australia style axial scx10 iii

Gladiator overland

Aussie style

Based on the super capable and popular Axial scx10 iii Jeep Gladiator, this build explored the meaning of a true "overlander" expedition rig with an aussie flavour.

ahead RC custom build crawler unimog 406 TRX-6 UMG10 6x6 Traxxas



Originally a Traxxas TRX6 chassis, a UMG10 body from Axial's scx10 ii 6x6 was custom fitted. Lots of parts were also designed and printed to suit the more utilitarian aspect of the UMG10.

ahead RC custom build crawler Goldie VS4-10 with TRX4 axles Trenchers JP1 body


Main components being a Vanquish VS4-10 chassis, TRX4 alloy axles with a front selectable locking diff, and a RC4WD 2 Speed transmission. The goal of this build was to create a rig with very low CG similar to comp rigs, but be optimised enough for trail crawling at the same time.

ahead RC custom build crawler 1966 C10 '66 Proline SCX10 ii Vanquish Products Currie RockJock

Lil' Blue C10

This was mostly a prototype build, to test my own design, 3D printing, and weathering skills to create a custom crawler rig that looks very beaten up and used around the farm. Taken heavy inspiration from an existing build on Axial's website.

ahead RC custom build crawler Sentinel U4 Ultra 4 KOH King of the hammers welded chassis stainless steel J Concepts Ruptures 1.9 TRX-4 axles Gmade Zero shocks

Sentinel U4

Having ordered a custom welded stainless steel cage chassis, the mission was to build a rig that handled like U4 rigs in real life. 

ahead RC Custom build crawler Hiluscx Hilux Mojave body Pitbull Growlers 1.55 pickup truck Top Gear

That pickup truck Old Top Gear tested

The "Hiluscx" used 1.55 beadlocks and Pitbull RC tyres, with an scx10 ii chassis and Vanquish axles, this super durable rig went touring with me to experience the tough terrains of Nepal's Mustang District.

ahead RC custom build crawler scx10 ii UMG10 6x6 Unimog 406 Mercedes G63 Proline 1.9 Krawlers

OG Mog Mog Mog...

The original build of Axial's SCX10 ii UMG10 6x6. As this was going to be a custom build, it turned out to be one of its kind... And then it became a little weird.