Crawler G3308 "Duty"

The Crawler G3308 fitted with high clearance fenders, bumper, and rock shields make it a seriously capable offroader. This truck will go anywhere and deliver any load!

Sand Cruiser

The "Sand Cruiser" was just a refresher build, using a proper steel framed flatbed. It Just gives it a more old-school Cruiser look rather than a more modern-adapted look of the Rock n Roll Phoenix build.

Crawler Cat 1 "Nomad"

Luxury camping taken to the next level. The Cat 1 "Nomad" has the largest expedition cab of our range so far.

C23 Utility Flatbed

As the name suggests, the C23 has been re-utilised with the new Flatbed! The C23 "workhorse" is now ready to carry out the most difficult of tasks whenever, wherever.